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An Author With No Books? Imposter!

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For those of you who are beloved fans of Grace Watkins, you know what the deal is. But for those of you who don’t believe I am an author because I have no books to prove it, let me give you a semi-short explanation:

When I finished Turning Grace, my first ever novel, I did endless nights of research on how to get my books published. I read countless blogs and articles, all about the ins and outs of publishing, options for aspiring authors, and all the experiences of other writers out there. With my brain full of this information, it seemed it only confused the crap out of me. However, at the time, my passion was simply for writing. I didn’t care about whether or not I had the potential to be a bestseller. If only five people read my book, those five people were enough. The fact that I’d completed a full-length novel was accomplishment enough.

Self-publishing seemed the way to go. I was proud of my work and with self-publishing, I had total freedom with the content and the cover. If people didn’t like it, then whatever. I didn’t care.¬†Until, that is, when people actually started reading it, and then actually responding to my work.¬† Continue reading “An Author With No Books? Imposter!”