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I’m Still Alive!

Hello Gracie Fans!

First let me just say, it has been a looooooong few months. Well…few isn’t the right word. It has been several months since I’ve done a website update.

If you follow my Instagram account, you are aware that life had been rather cruel to me. Okay, maybe cruel is the wrong word. I want to say interesting because while my journey has been a difficult one, it has also been beneficial in a lot of ways.

Let me catch you up:

I contracted pneumonia, which required an induced coma. This left me debilitated and unable to walk and care for myself. Therefore, the past few months have been about recovery and getting healthy again.

I have recovered. I am about 95% back to normal. I can walk, talk, dance, write, everything. I say 95% because mentally, I do suffer from PTSD.

If you would like to know more about my recovery, you can check out my past posts at @authorj.q.davis.

Now here is the important stuff↓↓↓

My new book is underway! Yes! I even made a temporary cover:

I don’t know, I kind of like it!

Anyway, my projected release date is…I’m just gonna guess here…February? I have no idea, but I am working on it and will be sure to keep anyone interested in reading this paranormal fantasy updated.

Until then, I wish all of you well!


J.Q. Davis