J.Q. Davis


About Me

I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. I am married to an active duty Marine of 23 years. We don't have any children, but our pooches believe they are human girls. Well, maybe because we treat them that way 🙂 

My Story

I began writing when I was in elementary school. My first story was about a girl in a castle. However, my teen years sparked a love for all things scary and horrifying. Therefore, naturally, my writing reflected that. I began to read thrillers and mysteries, and soon my writing transformed. I am tickled by the idea of shocking my readers and offering them an entertaining and unforgettable piece of work.    

Meet My Loves



The Hubby

The man that supports all my shenanigans  


The Girls

Bella, Cassie, and Lucy. Unfortunately, our beloved pit bull, Cassie, passed away a few years ago. But, she still lives in our hearts.